‘Monica Bellucci’. Just the name can drive any men crazy.She has always been  the epitome beauty and grace who has got a style of her own. This sexy Italian goddess has done a lot of movies in which she has dedicated herself to the characters and unquestionably one of the hottest women to ever appear in a Bond movie.The thing about Monica is her sensuous vibes that complements her sexy curves .Her bold characters and looks has been setting the industry on fire for years.There is always a crazy set of fan followers for Bellucci, no matter how old she is .she is the Italian wine ; the older the tastier.

Here is the list of Bellucci’s exotic erotic movies which for sure will make u a die hard fan of her, if you are not one. So, please go ahead and enjoy watching Monica Bellucci’s Movie list.

A burning hot summer
How much do you love me ?
Remember me, my love
The appartment

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