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Some Bollywood movies include such surprising plots twists which leave us stunned .TALAASH is one such best mystery – thriller movies which is a Must Watch one.

plot twist movies you should watch
plot twist movies you should watch

The investigation of a mysteries murder in an  kitschy ambiance of a red light district is the important part of the movie which is sympathetic towards sex workers depicting their sadness, anger, anxiety, and shame. The movie is a combination of sentiment and suspense which has an unexpected plot twist.

Its a disturbing movie which makes us feel good at the end .It makes us feel that nobody comes into your life by accident but everyone serves a purpose and make us believe that guardians angels do exist in real life in any form to soothe our souls when we are confused, could be our friends or strangers who come into our life for a moment or a day or for a life time. The time doesn’t matter but how they impacted yo life matters ; so does this Movie , a must watch movie.

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